The Kotoske Estate is exclusively represented by Alumina Gallery. The collection features a range of mid-century work from his early years as a Colorado Modernist, biomorhphic fiberglass and resin sculpture from his Organic Abstraction period, and Hard-edge geometric paintings inspired by his lifelong fascination with color and reductive form.

Roger Kotoske’s early achievements earned him the recognition of museum curators and inclusion in exhibitions such as the 1968 Smithsonian Institute exhibition, “The Art of Organic Form”. This seminal exhibition examined relationships between biological discovery and twentieth-century abstract art, and gained Kotoske the honor of exhibiting alongside internationally lauded artists such as Jean Arp, Herbert Bayer, Arshile Gorky and Paul Klee.

Kotoske worked in relative isolation from the California Modernist painters and the Light and Space group, however his unique investigations of color and light are clearly related to both genres. His innovative contributions to the exploration of cast fiberglass and resin placed him among a significant group of artists who pioneered the use of plastics. His sculpture was included in the 1975 New York exhibition, “Potsdam Plastics”, which included the work of John De Andrea, Frederick Eversley, Duane Hanson and Craig Kauffman, among others.