"Staging Light"

Bill Rodgers, Trend, Summer 2015

Another recent addition to Krupnick's oeuvre, one that draws heavily on his industrial roots, is a gallery in Santa Fe's Railyard Arts District...

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"Five Things you didn't know about the sculptures in

Denver's Burns Park"

Michael Paglia, Westword, 8/7/2014

Burns Park fills the triangle of hillside defined by Colorado Boulevard to the west, Alameda Avenue to the south and Leetsdale Drive, which runs diagonally from northwest to southeast. The park is notable for being home to a suite of mostly minimalist sculptures, some of which have been on the site since 1968...

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"Former DU art teacher was a dynamic, tremendous artist"

Kathryn Mayer, University of Denver, 2011

When Ed Stein (BFA '69) walked into Roger Kotoske's introductory art course, he immediately felt intimidated.

"I realized fast I wasn't very good at what I did," Stein says. "There were all kinds of things that kids knew that I didn't. In spite of all that, [Kotoske] was an inspiring teacher..."

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"Colorado Modernists Shine in New Exhibit"

Jeff Bradley, Denver Post, 9/29/1999

Perhaps because of our abundant sunshine, art in Colorado is often seen as an extension of Southwestern art. But a major exhibition at the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art argues that in the middle of this century, Colorado boasted dozens of modernists whose work reflected trends in New York and elsewhere and who produced paintings and sculptures that speak with conviction today...

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"Old Times"

Michael Paglia, Westword, 9/30/1999

In a way, the historically important and aesthetically compelling Vanguard Art in Colorado: 1940-1970, which just opened at the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, provides a background for Colorado Abstraction: 1975-1999, the spectacular two-part exhibit now playing at the Arvada Center. Taken together, these shows provide a good big- picture look at the development of abstract painting...

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"Potsdam Plastics"

Exhibition Catalog

Brainerd Hall Art Gallery / State University College at Potsdam

New York, 1975

The employment of plastic as an art medium has intrigued artists from the time these synthetic products began appearing on the market before the turn of this century.

As researchers improved the properties of Bakelite and Celluloid, and developed new and more durable compounds, the artist welcomed this modern material as the harbinger of a new and advanced age...

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"Roger Kotoske's Works Art for Art's Sake"

Barbara Haddad, Denver Post, 1/24/1965

Ars Gratis artis" -- art for art's sake -- is a credo seldom expressed today -- although it's still inscribed around the head of MGM's roaring lion. Developed by artists and writers in the 19th century who had been deprived of their old aristocratic patrons and who faced instead a hostile and indifferent bourgeoisie, it was pursued in a spirit of conscious defiance...

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